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Unique Online Coding Event for Kids & Teens Build and experience the Virtual environments Program your Virtual buddy and have lots of fun Put on your VR glasses & experience a 360 degree view.

Children learn about simulated virtual environments using the latest computer technology. For example, wear the shoes of a space scientist and launch rockets at a simulated space station. Create three-dimensional maze games with 360 degree views. Learn to code using Block based programming or JavaScript with lots of fun. Complex concepts are taught in easy and engaging ways by our proficient and witty mentors.


Age Group: 

9 to 16 years


Deliverable Type:

A fun and interactive Workshop


Pre-Requisites :

a laptop/computer with working internet

Virtual Reality workshop

₹350.00 Regular Price
₹150.00Sale Price
  • Duration


  • Age Group


  • Day & Time

    Sun, 21st Mar : 11:00-12:30pm

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