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Age:  10+ years (should have minimum coding knowledge)
Course Duration: 15 sessions (weekly 2-3 class; each session is 1 hour each)

Assignments are included in each module for the student to get more practice and confident on the programming concepts.

Module 1
Start early and learn the basics of Website Programming. Use online simulators to engage you in HTML, CSS and tricks to code responsive websites. Build your own colorful web pages with styling, images and videos. Stay ahead of your peers.

Module 2
Learn the concepts of Javascript and add functionalities to the website to make them more interactive.
Understand the concepts of using conditional statements, loops, functions etc build websites with modern designs and animations.

Module 3
Build full-fledged websites combining HTML, CSS & Javascript. Create a Quiz website, simple ecommerce website etc. Learn to add validations and store data in the database. Become a pro developer to create rich websites, portfolios with your own logo and brand.

Web Programming & Designing

₹8,700.00 Regular Price
₹7,599.00Sale Price
  • Duration

    60 Min

  • Age

    10+ Yrs

  • No. of Sessions


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