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About the Activity:

Duration: 45min- 1hr

Type: Virtual/ Remote/ Physical


Participants experience various aspects of Mindfulness, Optimism and Happiness with the help of guided art experiences


They explore various coping techniques for tough times using some easy & practical tools in a gamified way .– Various Art forms are leveraged by master Art facilitators to assist participants in getting into ‘happy’ zones (Experience joy, calmness, mindfulness)


 Some of the Art forms explored are Zen Art, Pattern Art, Mandala, Doodle Character Art, Warli Story Art, Sketching, etc.)


Resources required : 

- Pencil, Paper. Colored pens, Crayons, Pastels are optional resources (recommended , not mandatory)


Program Debrief : 

Growth Mindset


Coping Strategies

Mindfulness and Optimism




Audience :

Corporate , Any Team , Individuals


Type of Delivery :

1. Private Sessions ( Customized ) for Corporates / Organizations

One time workshops


2. Public Sessions - For Corporate / Individual

Required :

Laptop/Smartphone  for the Remote Connectivity


Mode of Delivery :

Zoom / Hangout / Webx or any other Tool

# Program is customizable.



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