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Dance Your Way to a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

We all face insecurity issues, we are human beings after all. We feel confident when we look beautiful, and our confidence tremendously drops when our looks don't match our expectations. We are more often than not our own enemy. What perception we have of ourselves is quite commonly much lower than what people perceive about us. But that being said, how much ever we keep chanting slogans of "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder", we sub-consciously judge people when they walk by, oblivious to the fact that we are forming a rather permanent impression of them in our minds based just on their physical appearance.

And though we would be happy to disagree, but truth lies in the fact that we have been so accustomed to this school of thought since childhood, that it becomes near impossible to come out of it.

Groups and friend circles in various walks of life are quite often formed based on how a person appears externally. 'Ugly' looking people (defined by society standards) are mostly left out and excluded from groups, as they destroy the image of the group. But since we live in this system and have no option than to adjust with it and keep surviving, we keep trying to look the best version of ourselves. We keep giving constant efforts into making ourselves look presentable and appealing. But the path most of us adopt for it is dangerously wrong. In the greed of dropping some quick pounds, we try extreme diet regimes, or starve and deprive our bodies of its basic necessities. Trying to be too hard on ourselves and practicing that new diet fad for a few days, and then randomly switching over to a different one only causes much harm, if not any benefit.

This is where a regularized workout plan comes to the rescue. And workout now doesn't any more mean the ancient and age old lifts and squats. Workout expressed as dance is occupying center stage in today's ever evolving world. More and more people are practicing certain dance forms as an interesting alternative to the otherwise boring and tiring gym workout. Zumba is one of them.

Zumba Workshop:

Zumba is a flexible dance form, which means there isn't a fixed, rigid set of rules as to how exactly to bend your body or perform the steps. You can exercise on it to the best of your capacity, and that would be just fine. Zumba is performed to energetic beats which keep you captivated all along, thus you don't feel tired very quick. Your mind follows the beats of the song with enthusiasm, which doesn't let your brain perceive the act of exhaustion as a disappointing activity, thus helping you workout for long.

Zumba helps improve cardiovascular fitness and blood pressure, results in reduced fatigue and improved alertness and concentration.

Thus, you would be able to approach tasks with a better perspective, which would not just make you sail through your problems smoother, but also leave you with a fulfilling experience!

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