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12 Creative Workshops for the Skilled Craftsman in You

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

1. Zendoodle:

‘Art imitates Life and vice-versa’. Zendoodle or zen art is a calming process and can be used as a mindfulness technique. Employees experience several aspects of optimism, joviality and cheerfulness while engaging in this art form. It gives a serene feeling to the mind, thereby pacifying the internal disturbances and leaving the participant with a feeling of tranquility and peace.

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2. Hi on Origami:

Origami is known to improve hand-eye coordination and also give inner peace to an individual. There are a lot of meditative benefits of Origami, such as giving a feeling of serenity to the person, settling down the disturbing thoughts in a person’s mind and inducing a sense of tranquility to the soul. With a relaxed and stable mind, it becomes easier to focus on the work at hand and be more productive and efficient.

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3. Hi on Planters:

Learn how to utilize the accurate implements, tiles and techniques to embellish your very own planters. Here's your golden opportunity to dive deep into the world of mosaic- Art developed from the assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone and other materials, that creates an aesthetically pleasing, enchanting design, passed on from generations.

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4. Hi on Bottles:

This workshop is a beautiful amalgamation of art and decor. The magical, wish-fulfilling genies we have all heard of in fairy tales would definitely love to live in such a tastefully decorated bottle! All you would need is a glass liner and a set of paints to get a grip on the art of bottle decor. Place the ornamented piece of work in the favorite corner of your home and watch your home glow with this majestic creation.

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5. Hi on Dreams:

Tired of boring conferences? This workshop would be the perfect ice-breaker for your seemingly infinite conferences. This activity can be conducted without much hassle in the middle of your conference, and without the requirement of much setup too. These could also be treated as charming presents to your employees to add to their home decor. Dream Catchers have the mystical ability to capture your bad dreams and disseminate negative energy. At this workshop, we learn how to entwine and fabricate our own magical webs.

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6. Hi on Succulents:

Have a genuine affection towards succulents? This interesting workshop will guide you on the tips and tricks of chiseling minuscule succulents with the help of air-dry clay. Jump right in on this unique and super expedient workshop and carry home three of your wonderfully sculpted succulents.

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7. Hi on Lips:

The quintessential workshop for all your women employees. All the flawlessly beautiful and highly deserving women in your organization deserve natural beauty products, something that would enhance their already pretty selves. Learn all you need to know about making body butters, lip balms, kaajal and vegan night creams from our learned experts. Take home a fragrant bottle of lip balm and scented body butter, and pamper yourself, cause you are so worth it, girl!

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8. Hi on Healthy Food:

Feeling pangs of hunger in between tiring, long conferences isn't very uncommon.

If you think healthy food can't be delicious, you might want to think over your opinion again! Learn how to integrate nutritious millets into your meals with three mouthwatering, luscious recipes for an appetizer, main dish and dessert.

Join our nutritionist and chef on this amazing food trip, for an interactive session on consciously choosing to incorporate healthy food into your daily life, and get to taste some delectable dishes.

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9. Hi on TEA:

Energize yourself with a cup of tea during stretchy, drab conferences. And it is rightly said-'behind every cup of tea, there is a story, culture and ritual.' Through this workshop, we will unravel the history and taste various cultural preparations of tea from different countries like Kenya, China, Japan, England, Russia and more.  We'll also uncover the mystery behind why after centuries of drinking it, chai continues to remain invincible as one of the world’s most loved beverages.

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10. Hi on Terrariums:

Master the craft of developing an alluring, charming, yet low-maintenance miniature garden to add a graceful, classic touch to your home decor.

Apart from being excellent boosters of oxygen, terrariums are also incredibly easy to make and nurture. 

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11. Hi on Sospeso:

If photo frames had the ability to talk, they would demand for a Sospeso-inspired makeover. Walk away with your gorgeous, elegant new frame, and fill it with memories to match.

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12. Peppy Photography:

Who doesn't love clicking beautiful pictures and capturing memorable moments? Learn the techniques behind operating a camera with a professional touch and start on your journey to captivating majestic moments behind the lens.

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