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Light up your societal spirit!

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

India being put on halt due to the pandemic, virtual CSR has been the new way of being responsible and helping the needy. Some of the reasons by which CSR is mainly driven are philanthropy, supporting labor practices, environment conservation and volunteering. But everyone being home bound, CSR has been more of helping the local community and boosting the company's image and brand. The initiatives we are offering as a company for your employees are as follows.

Fulfill a wishlist

We get a satisfied feeling whenever our dream is fulfilled. But, have you ever felt the satisfaction of fulfilling someone else's dream?

This initiative is to bring you that happiness. Select an orphanage or health care for children and make their little dreams come true. Show the children that no matter who cares or not, YOU care with your kind gesture. Make a wishlist and see those dreams come true even when your asleep.

Team activites.

Toy factory is one such innovative idea which is a perfect blend of creativity and necessity. This idea involves designing toys, crafting them with some unique ideas and preparing them locally using all the equipment they have. These handmades will make a really great gifting idea and also they will be eco friendly and sustainable. The main point of this initiative is to donate the toys to poor children and provide for the needy who cannot afford to buy any.

Less is more.

Someone needs to start inorder for the world to continue. And that someone has to be you! Yes, Start helping locally and it will make a great impact on your whole lifestyle. Begin to work on a small series of CSR activities near your house and contribute to the society. It might encourage other people to perform their best too.

Smile box

Can you tell us just one thing that can instantly lift up your spirits and can break the work monotony? Think however hard but the answer will not be anything more than mid-work snacks and munchies. Just so that your employees have a smile on their face and a place for you in their heart , we came up with the specially curated and personalized SMILE BOXES , loaded with lots of goodies and lot of love of course. It’s got everything that you need from sweets to crisps to healthy eats and everything just for you and your employees.

Work shop

Confused between your various CSR programmes? Don’t know whether to train you employees a new skill or donate something to the charity ?

We have the answer for all your worries. Share with us the responsibility and you will see everyone leave to home with happy faces. We will organize a workshop on your behalf for your employees to learn something new and grow their abilities. The money which arises can be donated to charity.

Educate is everything

Another step than can be taken under generous corporate social responsibility activites is to educate children or impart some skills into them and teach them the importance of life and what role does schooling play in their life. Maintaining life and living up to their dreams is what they needs training on. So, be it your responsibility or passion to set someone's life, but be kind and liberal about it. We offer you our hand to help start this substantial initiative.

These are some ways of merging work with some societal spirit and humanity and helping poor and needy. This way, the company grows really well and on a personal level so do you.

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