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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

We came up with a really interesting way to get to make your employees enjoy their work. And when I say this is interesting, it’s because there is food involved with work. Yes, I have made my point here. Virtually, when you present your work, we will make sure your employees concentrate, be comfortable and actually focus on the presentation with high convenience. We deliver them with free food takeouts so that they will have a meal while you present. Where ever your employees are, be it a crowded urban or a remote rural place, we will deliver them without fail.

The food is sent and packaged individually to every member who will attend the conference with utmost care and hygiene. For all the conference, team events, outings, a meal will be delivered to all the employee’s doorsteps. This pinch of innovativeness can change the whole outlook on the meeting. And, the brands we have partnered with are the best in what they do. Because, we don’t compromise on quality. However, this does seem like a really fun idea where all the members bond with food and drinks together. Because, what is life without some fun?

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